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The first thing the UK Energy Savings Trust will say about worn out, older or single glazed windows, is that all types properties will waste energy by losing heat through them.

They will also say that by installing energy-efficient Double Glazed UPVC Windows, you could reduce your energy bills, keep your home warmer and enjoy a quieter living space.

Replacement Windows, uPVC Windows, Secondary Double Glazing, or even Triple Glazing are well worth considering to take advantage of all these benefits.

Replacement UPVC window styles

UPVC Double Glazing – how it works

Double glazed windows are really no more than 2 sheets of glass that are separated by a gap which creates a barrier between the inside and outside panes. The panes are kept apart by spacing material around the edges of the glass and then hermetically sealed. It is this gap that keeps heat transfer to a minimum.

The gap can nowadays be filled with an inert gas which increases the efficiency. Triple-glazed windows have, as you would guess, 3 panes, and are separated by 2 sealed gaps.

Innovations in glass technology can now provide homeowners with “extra clear glass” and glass that can let more heat in whilst stopping heat going out, sometimes known as “solar gain”.

There are also versions that vary glass thickness to reduce noise pollution even further, such as “Safe & Sound” sealed untis from Anglian Windows.

4 good measures you could bear in mind are:

  • how much light is allowed in?
  • how much heat the windows stop going out?
  • the amount of heat gain (solar gain).
  • how much leakage around the window will there be?

You can see how energy efficient the window is by checking the BRFC rating (British Fenestration Rating Council). This is the UK national system for rating windows. The WER (window energy rating) applies to the whole window and not just the glass sealed units.

Energy-efficient replacement windows

BFRC LABELModern installations completely eliminate unwanted draughts caused by ill-fitting, damaged and worn windows. The removal of draughts also helps to eliminate condensation.

The heat retaining properties of the sealed glass units drastically reduces heat loss, and for an average house that has replaced single glazed units, the savings could reach or exceed £165.00 every year (Even secondary glazing will make decent savings).

This can only get more beneficial as current energy costs continue to rise well in advance of inflation.

It’s not only about keeping heat in, modern units keep the cold out, reducing further the need to keep central heating turned up high during the colder months.

By using less energy, you will be helping to reduce your carbon footprint – maybe by as much as 680kg per year, for a typical UK property.


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